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Why Should My Company Have A Web Site?

    In simplest terms  -  because your competitors do.   Everyday tens of millions of people turn to the Internet to look for you or your competitors.  Today, people moving into your area, more often than not, use the web to find out about their new community.  Shouldn’t you have a presence there?

    * Where do I get my clothes dry cleaned?
    * Where are the best restaurants?
    * Who delivers?
    * Who can do my landscaping?

    The future of advertising is the Internet.  An active web page delivers the most effective targeted marketing for your dollar available anywhere today.   Survey after survey reveals the same thing.  Web shoppers are more apt to favor merchants they’ve been able to learn about through their computers in the comfort of their own homes, on their own terms.
     The direct advertising format of the web let's you customize your advertising in a matter of minutes, not weeks, months, or a year later.  Yellow page ad?  Will the price stay the same next year?  We all know the answer to that question.  And you don’t have the option to update your phone book ad once it’s printed.  You can update your web site as often as you’d like at a surprisingly low cost.
     ImageGruup can level the playing field between you and your web savvy competitors by designing and affordably hosting a web site for your company.   "Best of all, ImageGruup can do it efficiently, quickly and at a cost you may have thought was not possible."
    In order to reach those potentially new clients who use the WORLD WIDE WEB during the coming years and decades, you need to have a presence there if just for the opportunity to direct your advertising to the customers who are looking for you.  ImageGruup can get you there by providing an economical and effective solution that will bring your company or organization into the 21st century.

Sample Web Sites

Premium Budget Website

Total Package $750

    Includes:  1st Year Hosting Fee for maximum Five Page Website and One (1) E-mail Box with domain address;  Two Year Domain Name Registration;  Initial concept & design, logo development, photo acquisition/selection, text editing, set-up and configuration.  We will also meet with you in person and discuss/gather the information needed to complete your website.  If necessary, we will photograph your product/facilities at  that time;  Up to 5 Web Pages;  5 pictures/GFX per page or 3 total gif movies;  Up to1000 words of text;  up to 20 external links;  (Custom Designed Banner Ad);  Links on ImageGruup Creative Services  and/or Affiliate Web Sites.
One Page Budget Website

Total Package:    $475

Includes:  1st Year Hosting Fee for One Page Website and One (1) E-mail Box with domain address;  Two Year Domain Name Registration; Initial concept, design, logo development; Utilizing client-supplied photos/artwork, one (1) five-scene gif movie or individual picture/GFX;  Maximum of 350 words of text;  up to 5 external links;  Custom designed Banner Ad;  Links on ImageGruup Creative Services  and/or Affiliate Web Sites.  We will also meet with you in person and discuss/gather the information needed to complete your website.


    An initial 50% deposit is required on all web design and hosting projects.  Balance is due once client has approved final design and website has been published and linked to its domain name.  Prior to first year’s anniversary, if maintaining the web site is desired for a second year, an Annual Hosting Fee of $200 will be due.  Your domain name will need to be re-registered prior to the two year anniversary to keep it in effect if you want to maintain the website’s existence for years 3 & 4.

 Year 2 hosting fee:  $200
Year 3 hosting fee & domain registration: $230
 Year 4 hosting fee:  $200
     Updates to the website, once it has been approved and published live to the web are billed at $50 per hour in as little as 15 minute increments.  ($12.50 for simple/quick additions or edits)
    SEO/SEM services other than initial domain name registration and search engine submission are not available at the budget level.  Client is responsible for development of any additional collateral or marketing materials.  We recommend that clients incorporates web addresses in all real world marketing applications.  Sourcing and contracting reciprocal link exchanges is the sole responsibility of the client.

There are no additional or hidden charges

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