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Structural & Forensic Engineering Services

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Structural Engineering
Services Offered

  • Design of residential homes, and small commercial properties
  • Design repairs to roofs damaged by trees and snow
  • Design repairs to homes damaged by vehicle impact
  • Deck and railing design
  • Structural consulting
  • Evaluation of existing structures
  • Structural inspection and reports
  • Rehabilitation design
  • Mezzanine design
  • Stair stringer and railing design
  • Roof top unit support
  • Load rating of floors and roofs
  • Design of boat houses
  • Additions and modifications to existing structures.
  • Temporary shoring and bracing
  • Design of pedestrian and vehicle bridges for private driveways
  • Retaining wall design, both cast-in-place concrete and segmental
  • Expert witness, litigation support   
  • Sign design
  • Steel fabricators 
Forensic Engineering
Services Offered

  • Determination on cause of mold and mildew growth.
  • Roof inspection, cause and origin of roof failures
  • Ice dam inspection
  • Inspection of attics and crawl spaces
  • Building envelope evaluation
  • Inspection for damage by hail
  • Inspection for damage by wind
  • Inspection for damage by earthquake
  • Evaluation of damages from blasting
  • Evaluation of damages from construction vibrations
  • Evaluation of damages from explosions
  • Expert witness, litigation support   
  • Construction defects
  • Chimney evaluation
  • Crack determination
  • Storm damage evaluation, i.e. flooding, lightening, wind, snow, trees falling
  • Fire damage assessment
  • Structural damage, cause and origin
Insurance Carriers
Private Insurance Adjusters
Demolition Firms
Building Owners
Property Managers
Local, State & Federal Agencies
Other Engineering Firms

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