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    Father and son, Ray and John Demers, have devoted decades to this project. “It is a surreal experience for us, especially during a descent, when all you could hear was the occasional bubbling sound made by our regulators. Reaching the scattered shards of crude earthenware, Kaolin pipes, ballast stones and timbers from these sunken behemoths transported us back in time.”
    “Wearing double tanks, we’d spend an average of two hours underwater, our expeditions predominantly taking place on the weekends.”  John easily recounts the early morning sorties.
    “Rising before the sun from a comfortable bed at our home in Bedford, NH, traveling out to the seacoast, lugging tanks in and out of the van, then into the local dive shop’s air-tank-filling facility, and finally, out onto the boat which was docked elsewhere being readied for the day’s expedition. Eventually we devised a hose system which allowed us to fill the tanks at a distance, removing the necessity to move the heavy tanks any more than what was absolutely required”.
    During the ten year period between 1976 and 1986, Ray and John accumulated hundreds of historically significant objects strewn about the bottom of Portsmouth Harbor and the Piscataqua River. Added to that, hundreds, if not thousands of hours in research have been expended over the years since the end of diving. The two diligent enthusiasts have also developed and nurtured close relationships with subject matter professionals, academics and noted historians with whom they liaison with regularly.

   The chronicle of these adventures is laid out in Piscataqua Discoveries.  The print edition is available for $39.95 plus shipping.  An electronic only PDF version is available via e-mail or download for $19.95.

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