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The Royal Society of Lawnchair Astronomers' Star Registry has been cataloging star registrations since 1995.  The popularity of star registration in the last decade has exploded and we continue to add listings to our database.  Most are bought as novelty gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  We've even gotten requests for Valentine's Day stars.

The fact is that there are simply countless numbers of unnamed and non cataloged stars, besides the few thousand that are visible to the naked eye.  Only the brightest stars have universally accepted designations.  Many are simply numbered.

So the field of which there are to choose stars from is immense.  There are eighty-eight constellations dividing up the celestial sphere.  To register a star, simply choose a name you wish the star to have and pick a constellation you wish to have that star located in and we will scan that area, select a non cataloged star, determine its exact celestial coordinates and draw up your registration certificate, including map and letter of authenticity.

It’s that simple.  Why not buy a few dozen today.  They make great stocking stuffers too!  Certificates are laser printed on quality bond certificate grade parchment and shipped the day your order arrives. 

Discount available for E-mail orders.

If you would rather print the certificate out yourself, you can choose to have us E-mail your certificate and receive a discount by eliminating both printing and S & H charges.

We accept payment via PayPal.  All credit/debit cards accepted.  We’ve used them for years and trust them completely.

Include your name and shipping address if you want the certificate mailed via USPS.  Also include the name you wish to use for naming a star if it is a gift for someone else.

 Also indicate the name of a constellation you'd like a star from - hint:  choose one you know.  We’ll confirm your order same day if made between 9 - 9 24/7  and once we get the go ahead from PayPal, we ship or email your certificate to you.

We ship via U.S.P.S. First Class - Generally two to three days for delivery.

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