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     I am Gerry Descoteaux.  (pronounced dee ko toe ).  I produce a wide range of images and also work on commission.  E-Mail if you have a project you'd like for me to shoot. 

Personal Philosophy and Motivation

   I love creating art, be it music, words or images. My stock image libraries include Portraiture, Fashion, Nature, Still Life, Travel, Products, Food, etc. I have an innate propensity to discover beauty in the mundane and I regularly attempt to expose those ideas through my images. I enjoy manipulating images to achieve specific artistic results both via pre and post production processes. I am enthused with digital photography and being able to capture thousands of images, less the traditional costs.

   I have been photographing everything & anything I could since I got my first camera at six. Forty plus years later I find myself working as both photographer and digital artist. I have a modicum of photojournalism experience, as well as a background as a writer, composer, musician and performer.  Aiming more toward an artistic slant in my photography, I work almost exclusively with digital formats today.  I look predominantly for what's seldom seen.

Email me at  I answer all my mail personally and promptly.


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